More than a Conqueror

“My dream is to finish my studies and become a missionary.”


That’s what I helped “Sil” translate from Spanish to English while doing homework on March 28th, 2019.

Sweet “Sil” is just 1 month away from completing her first year at the Ecuador Hope House, and as I translated this short sentence my mind was flooded with so many memories of the struggles that I have personally seen her face throughout this past year.

I remember sitting with her so many times as she cried under the pressure of her homework and said she couldn’t do it and wanted to quit. I remember holding her as her own mom even told me that she didn’t think “Sil” would make it. That she was at the breaking point and asked me to pray.

Throughout the past year, I have seen her fight and push through and I have seen her light up with the joy of the Lord as she’s realized that He is her strength.

Little did I know until that morning on the couch with her in March, that precious “Sil” was feeling called to be a missionary. That she has been fighting and pushing through her studies so that she can spend her life sharing the love of Jesus with others!

A few months ago, “Sil” wanted to throw in the towel and quit it all, but a few days ago she told me that she is SO looking forward to returning to the Hope House next school year! I have no clue what exactly God has in store for the life of this little girl, but I believe that it will be great.

I also believe with all my heart that if it wasn’t for your faithfulness financially, keeping the doors of the Hope House open, “Sil” wouldn’t have this opportunity. She might not have ever found Jesus, she might not have had the opportunity to continue studying, and she might not have ever felt the call to missions.

All this to say,

Thank you for your obedience! Thank you for giving “Sil” this opportunity!

And no matter where you are and what you’re doing, keep your eye on the dream that the Lord has given you! Don’t quit! YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!