VBS Excitement

VBS (Vacation Bible School) has started here in the jungle. The dances, crafts, games, dramas, and prizes are fun, but what I love most is watching our girls minister to their own communities. During each VBS, if we have girls living at the Hope House who are from that community they are invited to participate in VBS and visit their community during the week with us. I love watching them get excited about seeing their friends and family, some of them to the point where they are literally bouncing with excitement as we near their communities.

In one VBS, we drove past a girl’s home and her friends were standing outside. As her family’s dog recognized her and ran alongside the yellow taxi pickup truck, she shouted at her friends, “Come to VBS, Come to VBS!” They grinned from ear to ear and took off running.

At VBS, this particular girl jumped and danced and engaged each of the children in her group. I loved seeing her minister and share the gospel in her own community. Just the year before, she had been at VBS as a participant, and this year she was helping to run the program. This little girl is sweet, spunky, creative, and brave. In just the year that she has been with us, I have seen her blossom from a closed, scared little girl, to a girl who has learned to trust others, to give, and to show kindness.

After living in the Hope House, our girls ride back into their communities on back of pickup trucks with a new perspective on life. They see their community with fresh eyes and excitement. I challenge you today to look around you. Notice your friends and family, the ministry opportunities you have, the beauty around you- and embrace it. Bounce up and down from excitement if you want to. Life is meant to be embraced.