For Such a Time as This

I love the book and story of Esther. One, because it’s about an incredible woman who saves her people; and two because God’s name is NEVER mentioned, yet you can see His sovereignty all throughout. I love Esther 4:14, “And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” It gives me chills every time.

Esther’s appointment was set up by God to save His people. There is no doubt about it! There are 50 girls in the Hope House and I fully believe that their time here was set up by our Sovereign Lord. Fifty girls coming from all different parts of the Morona-Santiago province with many family dynamics. These girls are learning about God multiple times a week. They are being poured into spiritually both at the Hope House and at church. They are involved in community outreaches, they are in King’s Castle, they have weekly devotionals, and they read their own personal devotionals every morning as the sun rises. 

There is no doubt God is at work in each of their lives. There is no doubt that they are in the Hope House “for such a time as this.” The cool thing is, God is so powerful and you cannot deny His presence, so when they go home for vacations, what God has done in their lives cannot be denied by their family. Many of these families do not have strong relationships with the Lord, some do, but our girls love the Lord with all their hearts. I know, that I know, that I know, the Lord has put these specific girls in the Hope House to be an Esther in their families’ and villages’ lives. These girls are so special, so unique, so precious, and the list goes on. “For such a time as this” I get to invest, we get to invest, in these girls’ lives and be a part of the plan God has for each and every one of them and the plan He has to reach the entire province of Morona-Santiago.

Jamie CarterComment