In the Quiet Hours

Have you ever been in a camp where kids are going everywhere, there is noise, there is laughter, there are giggles.  Balls being bounced, games being played, kids huddled in groups talking.  That pretty much sums up the Hope House on any given afternoon, trust me with 50 girls in one house, the place is buzzing!

Then there are those times when the buzzing dies down, the girls are tucked away in bed, or gone to school and the house is quiet.  Completely quiet.  When I go into the office during those times or I’m pulling a night shift, my mind is blown at how quiet it is compared to the action going on when the girls are there, but then I see the power of the quiet hours.  It’s in those quiet hours that I see the Spirit of Christ working behind the scenes and preparing every nick and cranny of the home for the good of the girls.  It’s a sweet presence and something I’m not always so aware of unless I stop and ponder the way the Spirit works. 

The interesting thing about the Spirit of God is the way he is ever present.  In our hearts, in our lives, in our homes and in everything that concerns us. He is always with us, John 16:13.

I am a mom of four amazing kids!  My four keep me on my toes all day long, when they are home, I’m serving meals, helping with homework, working on projects, playing games, and the list goes on!  When they are away at school, I don’t get a break, I am cleaning, picking up, making meals, preparing schedules, and again, the list goes on! I believe just as I am always preparing for my children, Jesus is doing the same with our lives and in the lives of these precious young girls at the Ecuador Hope House.  He is always looking out for us, our needs, our desires, everything that concerns us!

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