Consider the Cost

I sat across the table watching.  Tears of joy streamed down her face as she shared her gratitude with those in attendance.  It wasn’t that many years ago that she was just a small girl, hopeless and abandoned.  Now she was a strong accomplished woman with a college degree.

Next to her sat the missionary on who’s door she had knocked on that dreadful day.  I watched as she too celebrated the joy of this young woman.  It was their victory.  Not just theirs, but everyone who sat around that table had walked a million miles for this day. 

As I observed from my front row seat I couldn’t help but think, where would Lucy be if not for the sacrifice of so many.  What if the door had not opened?  What if the invitation had not been given?  What if after considering the cost the answer had been no?  I dare say the cost of that no would have been far greater than yes has ever been.  That cost would have been precious Lucy!

Lucy was the first. 

She is not the last.

For every young life safely harbored at the Hope House there are thousands yet at risk. The price to keep the doors open is high, but how much higher should they ever close.

Tammy OgdenComment