Why Give Hope?

Once a year the Ecuador Hope House staff takes a missions trip deep into the jungle, not only are we able to minister and develop new friendships but we are also able to gain better perspective of the lives of the many girls that call the Ecuador Hope House home.

The journey is hard, our bodies are stretched, our minds alive and hearts full.  Things we take for granted like running water, toilets, beds, shoes, may not be so common among the far away villages tucked deep in the Amazon region of the jungles of Ecuador but one thing we do all have in common, is that we are all looking for something bigger than ourselves. 

We are all looking for hope.  

On this last trip deep into the jungle, I asked a question to some of the staff,  “Why give hope?”  here are their answers.


Would you like to become a partner and give hope today?

Leah MarbutComment