Move-in Day!

Move-in day here at the Hope House means so many different things. Emotions, excitement, nerves, joy, crazy busyness, etc.

Yesterday we had 54 girls move into the girls home and of those 54, 22 of them are new and have never been here before!

Today we had an orientation of sorts, teaching these girls what it’s like living in a home. For instance Lucy, Patty and myself were in charge of teaching the girls things like how you use the bathroom in an actual toilet and how to take a shower. Many of these girls come from so deep in the jungle that they don’t have a clue what those things mean.

Yesterday I watched all of these girls being dropped off by their parents, and they all had either a backpack or a Walmart sized bag with all of their belongings.

All of them, both parents and daughters, eager for this opportunity of hope. Eager for the future!

As I watched all of these precious girls and felt the anticipation in the air, I couldn’t help but think Lord, what if they would’ve said no?!?

Who are they you ask?? By they, I’m referring to many different people:

The 54 girls that said yes to leaving everything they’ve ever known for this opportunity.

The 54 parents that said yes to letting go of their daughters for this season.

The missionaries that started it all when they said yes to the call of missions, Joil and Leah Marbut. And another yes many years ago when they responded to a vision that if they could make a difference in one girls life, why couldn’t they reach more. (And now they’re reaching 55!!!!)

All of the tons of people that said yes to helping prayerfully and financially to support the Hope House and also the people who have prayerfully and financially supported missionaries who over the past 13 years have poured into the girls home! (Including all of YOU! The team that sacrifices so much to keep me on the field!)

The two men that felt the burden to purchase the land for the girls home many years ago.

All of the pastors that said yes to getting behind this vision!

The people who said yes to the task of serving Jesus and in some way later made a lasting impact that resulted in the salvation of some of my greatest heroes who started this all, the Marbuts!

And the greatest of all was the yes that Jesus made when He gave His life for us.

If any of these “yes” decisions hadn’t been made, where would we be today? Where would the Hope House be today? Where would these precious 54 girls be today?!?!

Your “yes: to whatever the Lord is asking you is SO significant!

And you never know what the lasting effect of that “yes” will be.

Be obedient, He will equip you and He will never cease to amaze you.

Thank you for praying with us for the upcoming 13th year of the Ecuador Hope House and for the 55 girls who now call this house their home!

Rachel BolinComment