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Did you know that Ecuador Hope House has opened its doors to our biggest group yet this month, 52 girls!  That’s right, 52!  As I walk the home, listen to their stories, sit and listen as they share their hurts and pains, asking me if they can stay forever, thanking us for getting them out of really hard situations, I can’t do much but praise God and thank him for being faithful!

But would happen if one more girl showed up?  

Would we take them in, would we consider the danger she is facing, the hope she is missing if we didn’t?  I would think back on the acronym that the church made famous in the 90’s WWJD?  What would Jesus do?   

I think he would reach out his hand and welcome her in under the shelter of his wings.
And yes, that is exactly what happened this week.  When we were all comfortable and happy with 52, names on the beds, big sister groups, seating arrangements, just the right number of flip flops purchased, ONE MORE girl showed up, then another and another.
Today, as I write this, I’m contemplating the verse in Romans 15:7 MSG “So reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory.  Jesus did it; now you do it!”
Do we really have room for one more?  What if we don't take her in?  Do we really have what they need?  There’s are many questions and "what if’s" that ring clear in my mind but I also consider the fact that if it were my daughter in a desperate situation and I wasn’t there to care for her, I really hope that you would take just ONE MORE!
We couldn’t move ahead without your help.  Would you prayerfully consider helping us take one more girl into the Ecuador Hope House? 

Thank you for giving hope!

Leah Marbut
and the Ecuador Hope House Team 

Here's how you can help:

It cost $5.25 per day to provide the every needs for one girl in the Ecuador Hope House. That's the cost of your average Venti Latte at Starbucks! Would you consider becoming a monthly partner or making a one time gift to help us take in ONE MORE girl?

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