Go, Give, Pray

I know that the Thanksgiving holiday just passed, but I feel that we should give thanks at all times throughout the year!

Lately I have been pondering more and more on how thankful I am that we all get to play a part in the Ecuador Hope House!

The Lord trusts US (out of all of the people in the world) to be the ones to influence and pour in to the 50 girls who call that house their home!

Yes, we all play different - equally important - roles. But Jesus specifically called each of us who partner with the Ecuador Hope House to GO, GIVE, and/or PRAY.

How amazing is it that He trusts us so much to place that call on OUR lives?!? That He trusts us enough to obey and respond to the need!

Now more than ever the Hope House is in need of people responding to that call. People who say that they won’t sit back anymore without taking part in advancing the kingdom and making a difference in these girls’ lives.

This Holiday season, a season that most are reminded of as a time of giving, I encourage you to dig deep and pray about partnering with the Hope House. If the Lord is calling you to give, GIVE! And be thankful that He trusts you enough to respond!

Big things are happening in these girls’ lives and the Lord has given us all an opportunity to be a part of that!