A Different Kind of Family

A couple of weeks ago, I struggled with really missing my family, especially my mom. Two days after I cried about it, I was at the Hope House with the girls and one of the first-year girls was in her bed crying. Her friend told me it was because she missed her mom.

I know I’ve never experienced what some of these girls have experienced, but I know what it’s like to not be with your mom and see her when you miss her. Most of the girls still see their families every month and when needed, but still, it’s a sacrifice. These girls make this sacrifice every single day. They may not have perfect lives or homes, none of us do in reality, but that doesn’t take away from the love a young girl has for her mom and/or dad.

I told this girl, “Hey, that’s okay. I cried 2 days ago because I miss my mom. Let yourself cry!

I love moments like this because I feel like it was God showing both of us that what we feel is normal, and not only is it normal, but He sees us and He hears our cries.

This past week in church, we prayed for our families. Fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons gathered to pray together. The first week I went through this, I struggled. But now I love being able to pray with others who are in the same place as me. ESPECIALLY with the girls. They are so special. I mean, seriously so special - tender, kind, fierce, strong, loving, their laughter lights up a room. So incredibly special and when I get to pray with them on family day, I’m not praying with ‘just the girls of the Hope House.’ I am praying with my family.

My family of 55, (that’s FIFTY-FIVE girls!!!) whom God has placed in my life, a family who I would have never had if I had not made a sacrifice. I might miss my family and it may be really hard at times, but sometimes this pain is so worth the blessings you receive when you get to be apart of these girls’ lives.

There’s something about a mother’s love and not being able to be near that, especially at this time in their life. It’s hard and it’s a sacrifice you have to make. These girls miss their moms, their families. However in the sacrifice and in the pain, God is working something so incredibly beautiful in each and everyone of these girls, including me. 

Will you please pray with us? For the girls, for the staff, for the director, for the spiritual battle, for the finances, for it all? God is doing something so incredible here in the Hope House and you definitely want to be apart.

Jamie CarterComment