15th Birthdays

Tonight as I was getting ready to put the girls to bed I heard my name being called for another room. I walked in to girls asking if I could play music because it was of of the other girls 15th birthday. Of course I said yes.

They brought her into the living room where she immediately sat on the couch and hid her face in a blanket. I called the girls out of their rooms to sing happy birthday then turned on the music. As the song the girls asked me to play, rang loud over the speaker, my eyes weld up with tears and I couldn’t stop crying.

The lyrics talked about 15 years and how fast they went by. Then remembering the joy that she brought to their lives and how much she has grown to finally asking her to not grow up anymore. Can you see why I was crying and am crying again as I write this?!

After the song was over, the girls clapped and then all went on their way while that sweet 15 year old sat on the couch alone. After trying every tactic in the book to get her to talk, I felt the Holy Spirit whisper, “I see her”

This girl, the one who felt unseen on her 15th birthday, wanted to celebrate with her family, experiencing a mix of emotions and the creator of the universe sees HER. He knows HER, and calls HER by name.

As much as I want to agree with that song and ask her (or any of the girls in the Hope house) to not grow up anymore, I really want the opposite. I want to see them grow, I want to see them flourish and I want to see the joy they bring to this world just by being them.

To you, sweet little S, on your 15th birthday, you are seen!