In the US, during the last weeks of May, Social Media is full of prom pictures and spring sports - then in June, there are all the graduations, parties, and end of school trips. Wow - we sure are busy celebrating, dressing up, and taking A LOT of pictures of what “our” kids do and accomplish.

I think about the girls at the Hope House. They don’t have a prom (although we do have Princess Night) and they don’t play sports at school, except at recess. There are no end of school trips or extravagant graduation parties. It’s pretty simple for them. 

We try to offer them opportunities to play sports at the Hope House. We are so blessed to have a beautiful, covered area outside the house, where they play basketball, soccer, and volleyball. They also love to dance inside the Hope House in the big, open area. Throughout this last year, we have had Friday clubs where they are met with an opportunity to study art, learn the piano or guitar, make crafts, engage in fitness classes, cook, and sew. We even have an occasional field trip.

They also are involved in the local church here in Sucua, helping in the kids’ classes or nursery, and many of them are in the King’s Castle ministry. We want to celebrate what they do, we just can’t post on FB, or instagram, or twitter. Instead, it’s pictures that are posted in our minds, those of us who get the privilege to be with these precious girls and experience these things with them. 

I want to close this “post” by saying how proud that I am of each one of them. I wish I could leave you with 50 pictures of what each one has accomplished, but I can’t. You will have to imagine it yourself or better yet, come and experience it with your own eyes. Those that have had the opportunity to be here at the Hope House understand what I am talking about. Words fail to describe the marvels of our girls, one simply must come to experience it with their own eyes.