Pot Holes, Dreams, Distractions, and Destinations

A few weeks ago, while walking some of the girls to a leadership meeting, on an old dirt road with more pot holes than you can count, I allowed myself to take a moment and just listen. Listen to the noises of what was going on around me and listen to the conversations taking place among the girls. 

As we walked past a beautiful house on this old dirt road, the girls began to dream as girls do. They started to talk about the kind of houses that they would like to have some day. Houses with big kitchens and spacious living rooms, houses that one day would be a home for their family. As these girls continued to dream and talk and giggle, we continued to enjoy our walk, hopping over and dodging the pot holes full of water in the road.

When we got to the main street, only a short distance away from our destination, across the road from us was a construction site where multiple men were working that morning. While walking on this stretch of the road, we began to hear the ‘whistles’ and ‘calls’ of the men coming from across the street. 

My heart became so burdened as this took place because it wasn’t something extraordinary that was happening only on this particular day - it’s normal and there was nothing that I could do to protect the girls from the whistles coming from across the street. The Lord immediately brought my mind to the spiritual aspect of all that had happened that morning during our walk. From the pot holes to the dreams to the distractions to the destination. It all represented something. 

I would like to encourage you all to pray with us for the precious girls that are able to call the Hope House their home. 

  1. Pray that they would never stop dreaming. That the Lord would place Godly desires in their hearts for their futures that will not be able to be shaken. 

  2. Pray that they would continue to dodge the little pot holes in there paths, only sent by the enemy to trip them up. 

  3. Pray that any distraction, no matter what it looks like, would not be able to steer them off the path that the Lord has placed them on. That each of their steps would be guarded for all the days of their lives. 

  4. Pray that they keep their eyes set on the goal - on the call that the Lord has for them. That they never stop pushing to reach the destination that HE has placed before them. 


Rachel Bolin2 Comments