It's the little things

I cannot remember the last time I saw such amazing, huge, out of this world smiles on these girls faces, all because of some.... pillows.


Yes, pillows!  You know what they are, those comfy, white, incredibly soft things you lay your precious little head on at night!  Something most of us take for granted, something most of us have never gone a night without.  If we need a new one we just run down to the corner superstore and pick one up, that simple!

But have you ever gone on a trip and struggled against that not so comfy pillow on that not so comfy bed in that not so comfy hotel room?  yeah, me too!

Last week we had an amazing group of ladies that came down for a great week of fun with the girls, food, candy, and all sorts of treats, as they were making up the beds with new sheets they brought for each one of the 42 girls, they felt led to purchase brand new pillows for each girl!
Pillows aren't the easiest thing in the world to get in the jungle, we had to go to the capital city, search in several stores and after a few days, we had all 42!

Today we brought them all in and I wish I could have captured up close expressions, it was amazing and so much fun watching them put them into their new pillowcases, hug them and throw them up in the air, PURE EXCITEMENT.

It's the little things!

Tonight when the girls lay their heads on their new pillows, I know they will think of the blessing in their lives, the gift of a home, a safe place, a loving family of people who care about the little things.  But as I lay my head on my pillow tonight, I will think of one thing, the amazing opportunity I have to be part of their life!

There are 42 amazing, beautiful, talented girls in the Ecuador Hope House, they are girls just like any other girl, like our daughters, sisters, and granddaughters.

Each one has a story, each one has a heart and each one has a future because of the gift of hope!

Want to be part of something big?  Give the gift that keeps on giving, GIVE HOPE!

Thank you, ladies of Christ Chapel - Erlanger, KY for investing in these girls, putting a pillow under their head and putting a smile on their face!


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