Little Girls, Braids, and Happy Holidays!

Over the past year I have gone through more transition than I would like to admit. Each of these transitions required a period of adjustment before settling in. Usually, just when I felt I was settled, it was time to pack up, say my goodbyes, and be obedient to what was next. 

A few nights ago, I was at the Hope house for my weekly overnight shift with the girls. As I was sitting down a crowd of girls gathered around to play with my hair. A few minutes later, they began to tell stories, stories of their homes, stories of their families and I even heard stories of “that one time when I got in trouble.”

In this moment, I was reminded of a simple yet profound statement the Lord spoke to me before entering into this year,

“I want you to be where your feet are planted.” 

That Monday night, with some of the most precious girls I know, I realized that they are exactly where their feet are planted. They as well, have experienced a great deal of transition but in those moments, they were all in. Not looking at the past wanting to go back or looking so forward to the future that the small, significant moments in between pass them by, they were simply, being! 

When I show up to the Hope House, I think what these girls want most, is for me to be. Be present, be engaged, and be intentional. That’s what it is all about. 

As the holidays approach and this year comes to a close, I want to challenge you, to be. To soak in every moment of where your feet are planted. There will always be more clothes to fold, dishes to wash, and tasks that need to be marked off of the to-do list, but find a moment to simply be.