I am a total homebody and always have been. Home is a safe place, it’s my own space and I just love it! 

Since I started working at the Hope House this has been a topic that I have thought about, prayed about and gone back and forth on. Many of the girls that live in the Hope House come from situations that none of us could imagine. The more I get to know these girls and their stories, the more thankful I am that they have found a new home at the Hope House. 

However, something that I have found to be interesting is that no matter what the situation is for these girls, at one point or another they want to go home. They want to visit family, they want the home that they knew before the Ecuador Hope House. No matter how unimaginable the situation might have been, in their hearts, home is home. 

This brings me to the point, there are times that I just want to go home as well, not the physical building that I live in, but I am talking about into the presence of Jesus. I find myself at times forgetting that in His presence is where my heart finds home. No matter where I am physically, what the situation is, how hard or easy life might be, that is home. Many of the girls at the Hope House are learning this same concept. They push through the hard times, they celebrate the good times, and little by little they learn what this type of “home” looks like. 

Speaking of home, as this summer comes to a close, the Hope House is going to be home to 55+ girls this year! Would you be praying for these girls as well as the staff that will be working hard to make this house a home?! 

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