The Same Team

There have been several instances in the last couple weeks that I have had the thought “Wow, they are all on the same team.”


Let me paint the picture for you. We have 50 girls living in the Hope House. All of different ages, backgrounds and personalities.  If you grew up with siblings, especially sisters, you know that some times you argued over clothes or shoes or what some would consider “the little things” but at the end of the day, you shared the same blood and loved each other deeply.

A few weeks ago, we had a weeklong soccer tournament with the girls. Each of the 50 dived into teams, sporting new jerseys that our little jungle town came together to sponsor, even the tias of the Hope House participated. Let me just say, these girls play HARD! During each game, the girls were on the side lines, cheering for one another and the volume level would raise when a team scored. It did not matter what team it was, they all cheered. They were all on the same team. 

            One day during the chaos of the games, I looked up to see two of our girls, E and L, off in the grass. E, the youngest girl we have living in the Hope House and the L,  who is a couple years older. L was teaching E, “her little sister”,  how to ride a bike. L would walk beside her, hold the back of the bike until she got her balance and let her go. Through the trials and falls, L stood behind her and cheered her on until she got it and was riding all over the place, all by herself. They were on the same team.  

            I think I have a lot to learn from these girls and last week I was reminded that as the body of Christ, we are one team.  I am challenging myself and I am challenging you, to remember, we are all on the same team. 

Cori Carpenter