Exuberant Hope

Have you ever made a pot of chicken noodle soup and ended up with left overs?  Then you find that you are so glad that you made more than enough soup because it’s so good?

Wow, this week has been one of those weeks for me at the Hope House.  13 years ago when we started, I would have never imagined the feeling I would have of watching one of the first girls to show up at the Ecuador Hope House graduate from University! 

Last night, along with our Hope House staff we sat in stadium seats watching as our “little” Lucy came down the aisle with her hat and gown, wearing the biggest and proudest smile a girl could have.  As I sat there, I felt so many emotions flood through me, remembering the very first day she showed up at my door.  That day was not so pretty as we cried together, praying for her safety and her future. 

By God’s grace and the support of so many, Lucy was able to call Ecuador Hope House home for many years until she graduated.  A few years ago she joined our team at Hope House and serves as the only ex-alumni staff member, which is a huge blessing!  She knows better than anyone else what it’s like to be one of the girls, what they have been through and how to help.  Her experience and passion are irreplaceable and have become such a rock for so many girls that now follow in her footsteps.

So as I watched this young lady receive her diploma in hand yesterday, I can do nothing more than thank God for the opportunities.  The opportunity that Lucy had to find a safe place to call home, study and graduate.  The opportunity that more than 40 other girls have presently.  The opportunity that I have to serve these young ladies day in and day out.  The opportunity that we all have to invest into their precious lives.  This opportunity of HOPE.


Leah MarbutComment