Value is a word we hear all too often, but forget the meaning of.

This is a word we use a lot in The Hope House. We want the girls to understand that they have value. But not only that, we want them to understand who gives them that value. We want them to know that they will not find their value in boys or in their families or in their talents.

God is the one that gives them their value, and He says they are priceless.

So many of them come from terrible homes filled with abuse. They were constantly taught growing up that their value is in how many children they can have or how much money they can make. They were taught to look for value where it cannot be found.

Value can only be found in Christ. He is the only one that can give them their value, because He made them. When you don’t know where your value comes from, you end up searching everywhere for it. You look for it in your job, in your family, in the opposite sex, and in cultural expectations. But the only place value is found is in Christ.

When they learn more about Christ and discover the value that He gave them before they were born, they’re attitudes change about themselves and others. The way they treat others changes. Because when you know your value, you’re free to see the things of value in others. Instead of frantically searching for your value, you begin to see the value of others.

As they have learned their value, they’ve also learned how to see the value in what’s important. A few weeks ago, we had a team come in and give every girl their own Bible. The way they treasure their Bibles is amazing. Every time I go to the house, I see at least one girl studying their Bible. They take care of them and make sure that they don’t mess them up or lose them. They treasure their Bibles. And I believe it’s because they understand the value that The Word of God has in their lives. It’s their foundation in hard times. It’s their peace in chaos. It’s their guidance in confusion. It’s priceless.

Value. Everyone has it. It just takes God to reveal it to us.

- Caitlin

Caitlin Emfinger