Missions: Preach it. Reap it. Repeat it.

Talk about an emotional feeling.  Last night, I was invited to the Ecuador Hope House's very first Missionary service that the girls from the Ecuador Hope House put on!

One thing I love about what we do is all the people we get to meet along the way, every year we have dozens of interns that come to help and be part of our team and not only from the USA but from all parts of the world.  Last month we had the privilege of receiving a young lady from Columbia who is doing an internship from the Bible school in Armenia.  She is a Missions major and has a heart for young women.  Marcela has been such a blessing to us and the girls at Ecuador Hope House as she has worked with the girls in their personal devotional time and has implemented a heart for missions!

Last night, the girls put on a whole missions service, with dances, dramas, songs and even an emphasis on the Nation of India where they have been researching and praying for the last month. At the conclusion of their service, there was a candlelight prayer, signifying the light to the lost and we prayed for various nations throughout the world. 

I only wish I could share the emotions and tears shed through those prayers.  As I sat there and watched, I was MOVED once again with compassion.  For the first time, I do believe that I experienced a mix of emotions regarding missions.  I was moved for the nations they spoke of with so much intensity, but I was also so moved by the fact that these girls, the ones that were desolate, in despair, with nothing to look forward to in life before coming to the Hope House, were the ones praying for the lost and for the despair, praying for the dying in India without hope, giving of their personal possessions to send missionaries to the harvest fields.  For over 10 years, these girls have been on the receiving end of missions, receiving teams, help, funds and care.  

But on this missions service night, it was they who were sharing and giving!

Please continue to pray for these girls, the Lord is doing a wonderful work in their lives and we are so blessed to be part of it.  Please also pray for the workers, pray the Lord sends more workers and missionaries to help us with the girls home and the 42 girls we currently have.

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In His Hands,

- Leah Ash Marbut

Leah Marbut