Happy Birthday!

My family and I have the privilege every month of taking a group of girls from the Hope House, whose birthdays' are that month, to celebrate. They always choose to eat at the pizzeria here in Sucua and they can eat A LOT of pizza. After pizza, we walk to get ice cream. The most fun is yet to come when they open their birthday bags and discover gifts.

This year we bought them all tennis shoes and other treats, but I think the most special to them, is a small change purse with a couple of dollars inside. With this, they can buy something special for themselves.

What happens next, makes me proud of these girls.

They buy a bag full of bread, cookies or fruit that they can take back to the home and share with the other girls! This touched my heart when the first group of girls did this and every group continues to do the same every month. These girls come from families who have very little, but they have shown me, even with the very little they receive, "it is more blessed to give than to receive". 


Ashley Richardson